Adrián Enríquez


Since his youth, Adrián Enríquez has worked as a pianist in tango ensembles and orchestras. Among his teachers are Nicolás Ledesma and Emilio Balcarce, under whom Enriquez graduated from the Orquesta Escuela de Tango.

As a pianist, he worked with musicians such as Emilio Balcarce, Carlos Galván, Roberto Alvarez, Leopoldo Federico and Osvaldo Piro, among others.

Enríquez performed in the ensemble of Julio Bocca, and performs regularly with the Sexteto Mayor. He is since 2004 with the Ramiro Gallo Quinteto and the Orquesta Arquetípica (also under Ramiro Gallo), the Orquesta del Tango Federal, Sexteto de Madero Tango, and the Orquesta Típica Pichuco.

His own ensembles were founded by the bandoneonist Marco Antonio Fernández and the guitarist Diego “Dipi” Kvito. With this quartet Cuarteto Entre Rios he recorded in 2018 the album titled Barbaridá, which sets the tango with the Chamamé by arranging the title.

Concert tours led him around the world. Every year in Germany, Enríquez performs as a pianist and also gives lectures, working with musicians and orchestras who have dedicated themselves to tango.