Bruno Cavallaro


Argentine violinist, guitarist, arranger and composer, Bruno Cavallaro studied at the National University of Cuyo. He recorded his first solo album in 2007, titled “Ciudadana Locura”, and debuted in the United States as well as Argentina.

In 2007, He was given the “Escenario” award for “Best Artist in Tango”. In 2009, he was awarded first prize in composition at the Boston Guitar Fest in the United States, and the second prize in the 30th annual Frederic Mompou Composition contest in Barcelona, Spain.


As a session musician, he has worked on numerous tango records, and has performed at prestigious concert halls around the world.

In 2019, he released his second album, titled “Cantor”, with a trio musical formation. The album features his own arrangements of classic tango pieces for solo violin.

Currently, he forms part of various tango groups, such as the Juan Pablo Navarro Septet, Cesar Angeleri Cuartet, Daniel Binelli Quintet, among others.