Esteban Falabella


With an extensive study of classical guitar under his belt, Esteban Falabella has participated and integrated in numerous acclaimed musical groups such as the Quinteto de Nestor Marconi, the Quinteto Real by Horacio Salgan, Cuarteto de guitarras de Anibal Arias, Leopoldo Federico, Juan Jose Mosalini, Julio Pane, to name a few, with whom he has toured around the world and performed at numerous festivals.

He has also participated in the performance of the operetta “Maria de Buenos Aires” by Astor Piazzolla, directed by the maestro José Carli and Nestor Marconi at the Teatro Nacional Cervantes.

He had realized an extensive tour through Europe with the Sexteto Piazzolla, directed by Fernando Suarez Paz, with the participation of the vocalist Ute Lemper.

He has performed at the Festival Cervantino in Mexico.  In 2012, he performed at the Teatro Colón alongside the Orquesta Típica Horacio Salgán. Falabella was also a soloist in the Philharmonic Buenos Aires directed by Arturo Diemek at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires.

He was recently contracted as a soloist in the worldwide debut of the Opera Requiem by Oscar Strasnoy at the Teatro Colón alongside the Orquesta Estable directed by Christian Baldini.